We moved!!  While I am still cooking up a storm and filling up the good old Big Green Cookbook, you may have noticed that I stopped blogging.  I blame the need for taking pictures of my cooking... so, anyways.  I stared a new blog.  Its about life.  And being a new wife.  Come visit!

The Big Green Cookbook

The namesake of this blog.  A big, pretty, geometric patterned photo book with a bright purple inside from Target.  It kind of reminds me of Barney, but in a good way.  I am always cutting out recipes from newspapers, ripping pages from waiting room magazines, and printing out ideas.  I have amassed quite the mountain of recipes I want to try and the idea was that one day my big green cookbook would be bursting full with delicious recipes that I have tried, cooked, loved and pasted for posterity into the pages.  This blog is a place to document in words and pictures the adventures of filling up my cookbook.  I will also do a few cookbook recipes occasionally, but I'm doing my best to ween my dependence on them as blog material... To see what recipes have made the cut, check out the BGCB tag!!

The Cook

This is me, Liz.  A recent college grad in engineering, my job takes me to a new location ever six months.  Since graduating from Notre Dame in 2010, I have lived and cooked in McAllen, TX, Greenville, SC, Terre Haute, IN and (currently) in Rockford, IL.  While by no means a gourmet cook, I love to spend time in the kitchen and often threaten to quit my job and go back to school to become a professional chef.  While it is an empty threat, at least for now, it's still my most favorite day dream.  I rather obsessively collect recipes from magazines, newspapers, reader's digests, you name it, a habit I have tried to fruitlessly break.  I am also convinced that food does fix everything and that everything deserves to be tasted, at least once, which has made for some fun discoveries.  Besides cooking, blogging and reading other food blogs, I'm a big book reader, sports player and will always have a special place in my heart for long walks.  Guten Appetit!

The Sometimes Recipe Tester, Sometimes Photographer

Also, the full time boyfriend fianc√© and occasional sous chef.  Another recent college grad, who is stationary in Chicago, Ben is on the receiving end of many a recipe and promises that all critiques he gives me are honest and candid.  He makes a hobby out of laughing at me and my silliness, but for whatever reason, I do like him.  He is helpful roughly 3/5ths of the time and sometimes will even start washing the dishes without being begged.  I know, I've got a keeper.