Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Bloggerversary to Me!

A little while ago, Ben surprised me with a card.  He knows that I get all happy and giggly when I get a card, most especially when it's a surprise in the middle of the week in March, when there are no noticeable reasons to give me a card.  Except, of course, for my bloggerversary.  Now, Hallmark is a little behind the times and has yet to make a "You made it a year!  Your blog is so dear!  Your stories cute and your pictures mostly clear!" bloggerversary card (I don't think Hallmark will be head-hunting me anytime soon... go thing I've kept my day job), so he had to make some last minute edits.

Then, to be even more awesome, the surprise didn't stop with a card.  Tucked inside and cut out of an old manila envelope, were two tickets to a meal of "annual significance" complete with a dessert that Ben promised to make using a recipe from my blog.  I wouldn't even bother trying to top that.  Because you can't.  It was sweet and adorable and I promise that gagging section of this blog is now over.

I don't know if this is couth or not, but I'm not sure I care.  I'm just going to come right out and say that I'm proud of myself for this.  Not only for actually doing this for a whole year, but most especially for not once (not once!) breaking my promise of at least one post a week.  Cause that was tough and sometimes I hated it, but I did it.  For a year, a whole year.  90 posts in a year.  (Which means, exciting, we have another big milestone in our near future!  100 hundred posts... can you feel it?)  And so, we celebrated.  I cooked, we ate and it was delicious.

Oh... and I also bought myself this.  A 1 year bloggerversary present to myself, the blogger.  Now, I love my Sony Cybershot point and shoot, because him and I?  We've have been through a lot together.  But after countless trips, a few over seas, four years of college and now a full year in the kitchen, I think he's ready, neigh happy, to settle down into retirement.  Which is good, because I can't stop playing with his replacement.  Does this mean pictures are going to instantly become better?  I'm guessing not.  Does it mean the number of gorgeous but still lucky shoots increase?  I hope so.  Does it mean I'm so looking forward to a whole new year?  Oh yes...

So, Happy Bloggerversary to Me!  I'll share my meal of annual significance very soon, but as for right now I'm going to sing myself a verse of Happy Bloggerversary...


  1. 50 mm fixed length with an aperture of 1.8. It's been great so far!


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